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1st Chapter from my Fantasy Novel

For a few months now, I’ve been working on the final revisions for my fantasy novel, “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound“.
While I prepare to launch the ebook in the first trimester of 2013, I decided to make the first chapter of this novel available for everyone. To read it, go HERE or click on the image bellow:

1st chapter

I hope you enjoy it, and please leave your feedback. Soon I’ll have news about “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound” so stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s the synopsis:

165 years ago, Gabriel wouldn’t believe if anyone told him that 13 people would be enough to bring human kind to near extinction. Less yet, would he believe, that this would be possible, in part, due to his help. But what we believe isn’t always real.

Angel was born in an underground refugee where humans pray to the sun and fear the moon, where magic replaced firearms and silence is the best protection against the predators: vampires.

Both are more focused on their own survival than in the world that’s about to collapse, but when a curse forces them to a mutual agreement, their own survival won’t be their only problem. Will they be able to find equilibrium, or will they die in disagreement?

Note: You can also read the 1st chapter in portuguese, here.


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“The Last Supper” in Kobo

The Last Supper – A Christmas Tale of Horror“, my short-story, is up on Kobo. Free! So if you own a Kobo ereader, you can grab download it HERE.
This story is also available in Portuguese, here.

"The Last Supper" by Ana C. Nunes

“The Last Supper” by Ana C. Nunes

Note: “The Last Supper – A Christmas Tale of Horror” is already up on all of the Amazon stores, but, unfortunately I haven’t been able to put it up for free (Amazon doesn’t allow it). I’m trying to figure out how to make this happen, and when I do, I’ll tell you. In the meantime, for all Kindle readers, there’s the MOBI file on Smashwords. So grab your copy there.

Don’t forget that feedback is highly appreciated.


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The Last Supper – Ebook

Hi everyone, I’ve got news.
The Last Supper – A Christmas Tale of Horror” is already up for grabs at Smashwords. It’s free!

So go on over and download yourself a copy to read.

"The Last Supper" by Ana C. Nunes

“The Last Supper” by Ana C. Nunes

The Last Supper – A Christmas Tale of Horror” is a short-story. Here’s the synopsis:

Christmas is a time when families are brought together , people who haven’t seen each other in a long time and who, on this day, sit together at a table, share stories, dreams, joys and a traditional dinner. But on this Christmas, one particular supper is anything but traditional. And what gets served is something very few ever get to taste.

A bored and unhappy teen in search of a late-night adventure, in a small farm near the river, will find far more than presents under the tree.

One simple meal can hold many secrets …

Download it here!
Soon it will also be available on Amazon, Kobo, Apple, and other ebook stores.

This story is also available in Portuguese, here.

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First Page

My name is Ana C. Nunes, I’ve been writing novels, graphic novels and short stories for more than 10 years. Now, I’m about to publish my first ebook, “The Last Supper – A Christmas Tale of Horror“, a short story and, in 2013, I’ll be releasing a full novel in ebook format, called “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound“.

But I’ve also been published in the traditional medium. A graphic novel I wrote, called “Just My Luck“, was published in newspaper Barcelos Popular (2006-2007), my short-story “Electro-Dependency” was published in the anthology “Lisbon in the Year 2000”  by Saída de Emergência Editions (2013) and my other short-story “Abnormal” will be published in the anthology “Fantastic Erotica – volume 2” by Draco Editions (2013).

I write in two languages: Portuguese and English, and I have a blog for each. To see my post in Portuguese, you can visit THIS BLOG.

This blog will be the place for me to bring news about my writing and publishing, and also to talk about the books I read and love, and other things.
Hope you’ll tag around to see what’s coming.

Please visit me on Goodreads and Twitter.