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2013 Goals

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Usually at the beggining of each year I set goals for myself in various fields, three of which are not private: Writing goals, Literary Goals and Artistic Goals.

This year I decided not to make these goals a set task, but rather a I-want-to-but don’t-feel-obliged-to, which means if, for some reason I can’t make all of it happen, it will still be okay. But that doesn’t change my resolve to make it happen.

Writing Goals:
– Finish the English version of “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound“;
– Publish “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound“;
– Revise another of my novels (and possibly publish it);
– Write short-storeis for more anthologies, magazines and fanzines;

Literary Goals:
– Read more sequels to series I’m following;
– Read more portuguese and portuguese-speaking authors;
– Read more of the book I won in contests or which werer given to me by the authors;

Artistic Goals:
– Keep drawing my “Forbiddden Pencil” art (where I draw directy with a pen, no sketch allowed);
– Draw Covers and Illustrations for my novels and Short-Stories;
– Finish my 24-page comic “Wolf & Dragon“;

I have a few more goals in my head, but they’re secondary.
To follow my artistic progress, visit my other blog: Wings of the Mind; and to follow my literary advances, you can visit my Goodreads’Author page. As for the writing progesses, you just need to keep track of this blog.


Author: Ana C. Nunes

I love to write, read and draw. I write novels, draw characters and, sometimes, graphic novels or comics.

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