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Book Buzz – Eon & Eona

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Book Buzz is going to be a place for me to talk a bit about the book I read and enjoy. And the first to come are “Eon – DragonEye Reborn” and “Eona – The Last DragonEye“, the two books that make up the Eon duology, by Alison Goodman.

eon eona

I read/heard these two as audiobooks, at the end of last year, almost one after the other.
Both tested me as a reader. The first, “Eon – DragonEye Reborn” starts really slow but after a (long) while it picks up its pace and engages the reader in the magnificent world that the author created. I was in love with this land and its costumes, its rules and its dangers. Alison Goodman created something superb here, both in the social side of the world and the mystical.
The land is watched over by twelve dragons and twelve human DragonEyes who channel the dragon’s energy to make the land prosper.
In the first book we learn only the basics of this link, but on the second book we really get to see what the Dragons are all about. Still, I wanted more and felt there was place for more.

The characters in this tale are rich and diverse, controversial and courageous. In both books we find characters we root for. Unfortunately that is never the case for Eon/Eona. I could never feel empathy with the protagonist and that was, in the end, what really hindered my full enjoyment. Eon/Eona is a lying, easily manipulated and hard-headed character. She’s also very courageous and, in the first book, there were times I felt like I could understand her: when she helped her friends, when she tried to do what seemed best at the time. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for book two, whereas we expected her to learn from her mistakes in book 1, in book 2 she makes them worse, a hundred times fold.
Nevertheless, both books are rich with interesting characters: Ryko, Lady Dela, Chart, Rilla, Kygo and even Ido are some of my favourites.

In the second book there’s also a love triangle and even though I think the author put it to very good use, I can’t help but feel disgusted at the thought of it. [Spoilers ahead] Ido is a ruthless murderer and he abused and almost raped Eona in book on so, to me, the idea of them being in a relationship, of her feeling any attraction to him, is disturbing enough to make me puke. [End of Spoiler]
Still, I can’t deny that the love triangle was necessary to the plot, but I feel the author should’ve just played it different.
But on the other hand, there was another relationship which I found very good, the one with Ryko and Lady Dela. No matter how controversial it is, this is the kind of link a reader can’t help but root for, and the author managed to make everything so natural with them, it was delightful.

Plot-wise, the two books are very distinct from one another. The first starts really slow (and I mean reeeaaaally slow) and then rushes out, without it seeming too much. But still, the story is predictable (if not annoyingly so). In book two we don’t have that. The book starts off strong and keeps going all the way through, the plot-twists are amazingly well thought-out and the reader is constantly surprised. A nice evolution!

All in all, the Eon duology has a great world-build, good characters and a deep and interesting plot, with good twists on the second book. Even if the main characters fails to be likable, or even understandably unlikable, these book, by Alison Goodman, are still worth reading.

Have any of you read the book? What did you think of them?


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