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Nanozine 8

Although not related to my writing, this has everything to do with my upcoming novel, “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound“.
In fanzine Nanozine 8, on pages 39 and 40, I published two illustrations, depicting three characters from “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound“: Cornivar, Aaralyn and Omniua.

nanozine 8

Beware that this issue of Nanozine is dedicated to erotica, and therefore my illustrations contain nudity, but are not explicit. Please feel free to download it and skip to pages 39 and 40 to see both illustrations (or if you read portuguese, please read the whole issue it’s worth it!).

Cornivar and Aaralyn

Although the fanzine is only available in portuguese, the illustrations stand on their own and the only text present is a synopsis for my upcoming novel (the same you can read here).


I really like how the colours came out and hope you enjoy both illustrations.



::Characters:: Angel

Before launching the book “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound” (which should be out soon), I thought it might be interesting to show you a bit of information on the most important characters of the story.
This week I’ll start with the protagonist:

Angel Thompson

Angel 01

Angel Thompson was born in England, on December 27th ofAngel 03 2151. Daughter of Jane and Mathew Thompson, she has three older siblings: Michelle, Martin and Nathan. Spoiled by her brothers, since early age, she was especially fond of Michelle, with whom she shared many physical similarities. They slept and did almost everything else together.
Although she grew more attached to her father, Angel admired her mother greatly, for being a world-known sorceress and a very feared one.

Angel 02When the story begins, Angel is 23 years-old, scrawny, with white skin, light-brown hair, turquoise-coloured eyes and an attitude that displeases a lot of people.
Very attached to her mother and adoptive sister, Amilda L’Agrande, Angel is a free-minded spirit and very rarely follows the rules, preferring to make up her own.
She is not a woman that cares much for her appearance, and the jewels she wears came from family members: Martin’s and Nathan’s armlets, Michelle’s ring and her mother’s bracelet.
Her magic’s coloured red, but Angel scarcely uses her powers.

Find out more about Angel in my upcoming novel “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound”.

In the next few days I’ll post more in formations on the world behind “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound”, so stay tuned.

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E-Book Cover Design Awards

I recently submitted The Last Supper‘s ebook cover to The Book Designer‘s (blog) E-Book Cover Design Awards, a monthly selection of what works in e-book over design.

I was hoping for some feedback on my cover, but unfortunately The Last Supper was one of those who got no comment (this isn’t uncommon, as the blogger doesn’t comment on every submission). I was a bit disappointed, but I guess I can interpret that as a good sign. If they found it hideous, they’d probably have said something.

Check out the list for January. The Last Supper is one of the first to come up.

Note: I apologize for the lack of updates the blog has had recently. I promise to come back soon with news about Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound and lots of fun stuff.