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::Characters:: Gabriel

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Gabriel Espinoza

Gabriel Espinoza

Gabriel Espinoza was born in Freixo de Espada à Cinta (Portugal), in January 13th of 1983.
His mother was Portuguese and his father was Spanish, so he lived between his hometown in Portugal, and Donostia – San Sebastián (Spain). After getting a degree in Ancient Languages and History, he worked in Spain all year long. At 26, he was engaged to a childhood friend, Sílvia, whom he visited as often as he could, in Portugal.

Gabriel Espinoza

In early 2010, Gabriel’s life was forever changed, when he was turned into a Sekhmet*, becoming one of the first and most powerful vampires known to men.

Gabriel Espinoza

In the first pages of “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound”, Gabriel e 191 years-old, has black untrimmed hair, red eyes, tanned skin and is famed as a merciless killer.
A lone-wolf by nature, Gabriel likes to take on missions, keeping himself busy, and away from certain vampires whose company he truly despises.

Find out more about Gabriel in my upcoming novel: “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound”,  which will be available soon.

*I’ll make a post where I’ll let you know all about the different types of vampires in my novel. 


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Angel Thompson;


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