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After putting the cover design to a vote, I chose the two most voted and decided to use one for the Portuguese edition, and another for the English Edition.

The English one will be like this (only this is not final, it needs a few touches):

Angel Gabriel - Blood Bound

The Portuguese one is this (final):

Angel Gabriel - Pacto de Sangue

I’ve set a date for the Portuguese release, and that’s April 10th, but unfortunately I can’t give you a date for the English version just yet. Fear not! It won’t take long, but it will take a bit longer, because working a novel in two languages is a time-consuming endeavour and then I still have to wait for the editor to revise it, so it will take a bit. Hopefully it won’t be that long, and as soon as I know a date, I’ll let you know.


Author: Ana C. Nunes

I love to write, read and draw. I write novels, draw characters and, sometimes, graphic novels or comics.

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