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Vampires in AG-BB


For a while now, I’ve thought about writing a post about the Vampires in my novel, considering they’re such a big part of it. From the synopsis, you can guess there are vampires and wizards, but that’s not all and, most important, not all vampires are alike.

So I’ll start with a little introduction: In “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound” the story kicks off in the year 2175, but throughout the novel there’s one date I mention often: January 1st of 2010, the day the vampires revealed themselves to the world. But even before that, there were other beings that, later on, would turn humans into vampires.

ImmortalThe first one is Cornivar, the Immortal. His age is unknown, he physically resembles a normal human-being and he has the same strength as one. The only difference is he can’t be killed. Cornivar is the only one of his kind and he was the one who created the Primordials, although he is usually referred to as one of the Primordials, considering how little humans know about him. Humans are only sure of one thing: he’s the leader of the vampires.


Primordials, are twelve humans who were transformed by the Immortal. They possess super-strength, are very resilient and have unparalleled healing abilities. They do not need blood to survive, although they like to drink it and have sharp fangs to facilitate that. Primordials eject a paralyzing venom when they bite a victim.
They can withstand the sunlight, though they are essentially nocturnal creatures. They can only be killed if their heart is destroyed.

Sekhmets, are humans that were transformed into vampires by the Primordials. All, without exception, were turned on the night of January 1st of 2010. Sekhmets need human blood to survive, and they can be killed in one of three ways: Destroying their hearts, which belong to their respective Primordials (this is further explained in the novel); prolonged exposure to sunlight; blood deprivation.
sekhmetThey possess super-strength, are super-fast and are capable of accelerated regeneration. They also eject venom, like the Primordials. Usually they prefer to kill with their hands, so they let their nails grow until they turn into almost claws. Their power varies according to which Primordial turned them.

Side-note: The name comes from Egyptian mythology, where Sekhmet is the Goddess of war and disease. Legend says that Ra (Sun God) created Sekhmet to punish humans for their sins. Sekhmet killed so many of them that she became addicted to their blood, and when Ra tried to stop the massacre, it was too late. So he made a beverage that was the colour of blood and inebriated the goddess, which was then sated and stopped the carnage.

Vampires are humans whose blood was drained and who were then Vampirerevived by either another Vampire or a Sekhmet. Their strength is much more inferior then that of Sekhmets, and the lower in the creation-chain they are to Sekhmets, the weaker they become. Some have just about the same strength as a human-being, with the added bonus of having fangs.
They need blood constantly and can’t stand the light of day, so they can be killed with relative ease, either by sun, decapitation, the destruction of their hearts or blood loss.
If a Wizard turns into a Vampire, it is possible for him to bring along some of the remaining magic and therefore be granted a special ability.

These are the three species of blood-suckers that roam the many pages of my novel “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound”. In many things they are different from the usual vampires, especially if you’re used to Dracula & Co.

So, does this sound interesting?
Do you have any questions?
Do you like the idea?

Don’t be afraid to ask. I don’t bite, promise!

So leave your comments because next week I’ll be talking about the Magic in “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound”. Another interesting topic, don’t you agree?


Author: Ana C. Nunes

I love to write, read and draw. I write novels, draw characters and, sometimes, graphic novels or comics.

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