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Hello everyone!

It’s been a really long time since my last update but it’s hard enough keeping up with my projects in my home language (portuguese), let alone in English (wich I love but find hard to get the time to make everything I want to do). “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound” is on stand-by at the moment and, to be true, I have no idea when I’ll be able to finish its english version but it is not forgotten. In the meantime I’ve been publishing a webcomic which is available in both languages, so enjoy: WOLF & DRAGON.


But today let’s go in a different direction. So this article talks about how publishers have, for the longest time, put more effort into static sites and less into social media. Is this still true?
The article is focusing on YA books but my question is: For those who write for adults are the rules the same. Wich do you think is easiest and more effective with adults: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or blogs and static websites?
Which ones do you prefer to use? Where do you find most of your new athors and how do you keep up with your favourite authors?

Please let me know what you think on the comments bellow. See you all soon!


Author: Ana C. Nunes

I love to write, read and draw. I write novels, draw characters and, sometimes, graphic novels or comics.

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