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About Ana C. Nunes

ana escritora pbAna C. Nunes writes fiction novels and short-stories since she was fourteen years old, but only in 2008 did she really get into novel writing.
Born in Barcelos, Portugal, raised to love and respect all forms of art, she wrote and drew comics for a few years before realizing her true passion was fiction writing. Her preferred genres are fantasy, science fiction and graphic novels.
English’s like a second language and she feels as comfortably speaking it as her own mother-language, Portuguese.

Her first novel will be released in late 2012 and she has short stories published (or soon to be published) in Portuguese and Brazilian anthologies.

Author, artist and colorist of several comics, including “Just My Luck” (published in ‘Barcelos Popular’ between 2006 and 2007) and “Someone once told him …” (winner of the 3rd prize at Odemira’s Comic Contest in 2010).

Ana C. Nunes still lives in Barcelos, with her family and dog.


Published Novels:
Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound (coming out in 2013);

Published short-stories:
– “Um erro, várias culpas“, in NanoZine 3 (2011/08/01);
– “The Last Supper – A Christmas Tale of Horror“, ebook (2011/12/26);
– “Electro-dependência“, in Lisboa Electropunk an anthology by Saída de Emergência Editions (coming out in January 2013);
– “Anormal“, in Erótica Fantástica – volume 2 anthology, by Draco Editions (coming out in 2013);

Novels in Progress:
Through the Glass;
Dragons and Sacrifices;
Don’t Rot in My Arms;

Ana C. Nunes;
Cristina A. Corvo;
Corvo Silva.

Just my Luck;
Garnath and the Crystal Ball;


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