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2013 and 2014

2013 came to an end and now is time to look back on what was done, and set objectives for the new year.

2013 was a bad year for my writing. I had intended, as you all know, to publish “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound“, and I never managed to do that in english. To my shame!
For that I can only apologize.

So, in 2014, my main objective is to finish “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound” and publish it, both in ebook and book format. And this, I hope, will come very soon. I’m aiming for the first trimester, but make no promisses on that date.

Another thing I hope to do during 2014 is translate at least two stories of “Heroine”, a fantasy satire I’m publishing in portuguese.

This might not sound like much, but I hope to make even more.

And what about you? What are your objectives for 2014?


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Merry Christmas and Great New Year

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) and a Great New Year that is fast approaching.

Christmas 2013_pq

I know I’ve been absent for too long but in 2014 I will finish the translation of “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound” and I’ll also publish Heroine’s adventures in english. Look forward to it.

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Cake and Champagne

On the day I launched “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound” in Portuguese, my mother surprised me with this:

Bolo AGPSA cake in the form of a book imitating the cover for my book. So awesome!

Here are a few more pictures, including ones of me drinking something that looks suspiciusly like blood (and it’s not wine).

bloody lips cake and blood oily me with bloody lips

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New look


You might’ve noticed the change in template and the new header image. I wanted to unify the overall aspect of this blog and my portuguese one, so I chose something simple but adaptable.


I thought it would also be fun to let you know that the woman in the picture is me and the characters are Viridis, my muse (the green one), Caeruleum (the blue one) and Purpurissum (the red one), my two muse-helpers; they help clean up the mess my muse makes, sometimes. 🙂
In my portuguese blog, I’ve used them as characters in some opinion posts I made, and probably will use them again, here and there.

So, what do you think of the new look (for the blog)?
I want to keep improving it, and will do some more changes soon, but in the meantime I’d like to hear your thoughts.

And, if you’re curious, visit my portuguese blog to see a different header.

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2013 Goals

Usually at the beggining of each year I set goals for myself in various fields, three of which are not private: Writing goals, Literary Goals and Artistic Goals.

This year I decided not to make these goals a set task, but rather a I-want-to-but don’t-feel-obliged-to, which means if, for some reason I can’t make all of it happen, it will still be okay. But that doesn’t change my resolve to make it happen.

Writing Goals:
– Finish the English version of “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound“;
– Publish “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound“;
– Revise another of my novels (and possibly publish it);
– Write short-storeis for more anthologies, magazines and fanzines;

Literary Goals:
– Read more sequels to series I’m following;
– Read more portuguese and portuguese-speaking authors;
– Read more of the book I won in contests or which werer given to me by the authors;

Artistic Goals:
– Keep drawing my “Forbiddden Pencil” art (where I draw directy with a pen, no sketch allowed);
– Draw Covers and Illustrations for my novels and Short-Stories;
– Finish my 24-page comic “Wolf & Dragon“;

I have a few more goals in my head, but they’re secondary.
To follow my artistic progress, visit my other blog: Wings of the Mind; and to follow my literary advances, you can visit my Goodreads’Author page. As for the writing progesses, you just need to keep track of this blog.

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First Page

My name is Ana C. Nunes, I’ve been writing novels, graphic novels and short stories for more than 10 years. Now, I’m about to publish my first ebook, “The Last Supper – A Christmas Tale of Horror“, a short story and, in 2013, I’ll be releasing a full novel in ebook format, called “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound“.

But I’ve also been published in the traditional medium. A graphic novel I wrote, called “Just My Luck“, was published in newspaper Barcelos Popular (2006-2007), my short-story “Electro-Dependency” was published in the anthology “Lisbon in the Year 2000”  by Saída de Emergência Editions (2013) and my other short-story “Abnormal” will be published in the anthology “Fantastic Erotica – volume 2” by Draco Editions (2013).

I write in two languages: Portuguese and English, and I have a blog for each. To see my post in Portuguese, you can visit THIS BLOG.

This blog will be the place for me to bring news about my writing and publishing, and also to talk about the books I read and love, and other things.
Hope you’ll tag around to see what’s coming.

Please visit me on Goodreads and Twitter.