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Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound

Angel Gabriel - Blood BoundRating: R
Format: Novel
Genre: Fantasy (Apocaliptic), Magic, Drama, Horror
Space and Time: Planet Earth, Europa, 2195
Publication: Second Trimester of 2013

Angel is the daughter of the most powerful sorceress in existence, and she, herself, is a very fearsome magic-user. Only … no one knows it.
Gabriel is a vampire known to be a skilled killer and an arrogant fighter, and … everyone knows it.
None of them expected to be cursed and bound together, in life and death, and by none other than Ishvar, Angel’s mother. Especially not when the vampire-sorcerer war is about to change drastically.
Crossing a devastated Europe in the heart of Winter, Angel and Gabriel seek the only woman capable of setting them free. Angel’s adoptive sister, Amilda, and the quiet vampire, Davet, join them on a road which will lead them through dangers and crimes they’ll wish they’d never saw or committed.
As the century-old fight between vampires and humans comes to a turning point, what role will each of them play? And what secrets do each of them hide?

The first idea I had for this story was very different from the one I got at the end. On the most part, the first story was about Angel, Gabriel and Catalysm and very little besides that. When I started writing it I decided to change that and make the story more layered.

Excerpt: Read the 1st Chapter

Derived short-stories:
– “Nascer do Sol” (Sunrise), only available in portuguese for the time being.


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