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The Last Supper

"The Last Supper" by Ana C. Nunes

“The Last Supper” by Ana C. Nunes

Rating: PG-13
Format: Short-Story
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Space and Time: Portugal, December 24th
Publication: December 24th 2012

Christmas is a time when families are brought together , people who haven’t seen each other in a long time and who, on this day, sit together at a table, share stories, dreams, joys and a traditional dinner. But on this Christmas, one particular supper is anything but traditional. And what gets served is something very few ever get to taste.
A bored and unhappy teen in search of a late-night adventure, in a small farm near the river, will find far more than presents under the tree.
One simple meal can hold many secrets …

Available as a free ebook at:
Smashwords (various formats);
– Amazon: US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP, CA, BR, (not free yet, but I’m working on that);
Apple Store;
Barnes and Nobles;
Diesel Store;
Livraria Cultura;
Oyster Books;
Angus & Robertson;
App Annie;
I Dream Books;
– other …

The Last Supper

This ebook is also available in Portuguese. Please go here for more information.


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