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::Characters:: Amilda L’Agrande


Amilda 01Amilda L’Agrande is Angel’s adoptive sister and best friend.  They’re both character in my novel “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound”.
When the story starts off, Amilda is nearing her 18th birthday and she’s already a Level B sorceress (learn more about Magic), and she’s also engaged to Luigi Monteva.
Amilda and Luigi are the only survivors of a massacre that took place when several families tried relocating from an unsafe refuge. That night, Amilda and Luigi, who were only three years old at the time, lost everyone they’d ever known.

Amilda 02Adopted by Jane Thompson, Amidla grew up in Kirovhorad’s refuge, and there she learned magic from her adoptive mother. All that time she kept close the only picture she has of her family: her biological mother and her eleven siblings, amongst which is Davet, the brother she was closest to.

Amilda 03

All throughout the story, Amilda will be a friend and companion for Angel, in their tuff journey. Young, impetuous and innocent, Amilda will make mistakes, and yet she’ll be one of the pillar stones for this story.

Curious? Is there anything els you’d like to know about Amilda? What about Luigi or Davet?
Please leave your comments.


And before finishing this post, I have to apologize. The book is not yet ready for release: I got a new job and afterwards I just haven’t got the energy to sit down and concentrate on finishing “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound”. But I promise I’ll get my life organized and I’ll get back to it very soon. I don’t want to delay the release much longer.
Thank you all for your patience. Please come back for more news soon.


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::Characters:: Gabriel

Gabriel Espinoza

Gabriel Espinoza

Gabriel Espinoza was born in Freixo de Espada à Cinta (Portugal), in January 13th of 1983.
His mother was Portuguese and his father was Spanish, so he lived between his hometown in Portugal, and Donostia – San Sebastián (Spain). After getting a degree in Ancient Languages and History, he worked in Spain all year long. At 26, he was engaged to a childhood friend, Sílvia, whom he visited as often as he could, in Portugal.

Gabriel Espinoza

In early 2010, Gabriel’s life was forever changed, when he was turned into a Sekhmet*, becoming one of the first and most powerful vampires known to men.

Gabriel Espinoza

In the first pages of “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound”, Gabriel e 191 years-old, has black untrimmed hair, red eyes, tanned skin and is famed as a merciless killer.
A lone-wolf by nature, Gabriel likes to take on missions, keeping himself busy, and away from certain vampires whose company he truly despises.

Find out more about Gabriel in my upcoming novel: “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound”,  which will be available soon.

*I’ll make a post where I’ll let you know all about the different types of vampires in my novel. 


Other characters:
Angel Thompson;


::Characters:: Angel

Before launching the book “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound” (which should be out soon), I thought it might be interesting to show you a bit of information on the most important characters of the story.
This week I’ll start with the protagonist:

Angel Thompson

Angel 01

Angel Thompson was born in England, on December 27th ofAngel 03 2151. Daughter of Jane and Mathew Thompson, she has three older siblings: Michelle, Martin and Nathan. Spoiled by her brothers, since early age, she was especially fond of Michelle, with whom she shared many physical similarities. They slept and did almost everything else together.
Although she grew more attached to her father, Angel admired her mother greatly, for being a world-known sorceress and a very feared one.

Angel 02When the story begins, Angel is 23 years-old, scrawny, with white skin, light-brown hair, turquoise-coloured eyes and an attitude that displeases a lot of people.
Very attached to her mother and adoptive sister, Amilda L’Agrande, Angel is a free-minded spirit and very rarely follows the rules, preferring to make up her own.
She is not a woman that cares much for her appearance, and the jewels she wears came from family members: Martin’s and Nathan’s armlets, Michelle’s ring and her mother’s bracelet.
Her magic’s coloured red, but Angel scarcely uses her powers.

Find out more about Angel in my upcoming novel “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound”.

In the next few days I’ll post more in formations on the world behind “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound”, so stay tuned.