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Cover and News


After putting the cover design to a vote, I chose the two most voted and decided to use one for the Portuguese edition, and another for the English Edition.

The English one will be like this (only this is not final, it needs a few touches):

Angel Gabriel - Blood Bound

The Portuguese one is this (final):

Angel Gabriel - Pacto de Sangue

I’ve set a date for the Portuguese release, and that’s April 10th, but unfortunately I can’t give you a date for the English version just yet. Fear not! It won’t take long, but it will take a bit longer, because working a novel in two languages is a time-consuming endeavour and then I still have to wait for the editor to revise it, so it will take a bit. Hopefully it won’t be that long, and as soon as I know a date, I’ll let you know.


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Choose a Cover

You can say that I find it hard to make a decision, but truth is I actually like to hear what other people think. So this time I’ll be asking you to help me choose the best cover for “Angel Gabriel – Blood Bound“.

I did dozens of cover studies and not all of them reached this point, but I still have many to choose from and I’d like you to help me narrow it down. What is a beautiful cover to me, might not be for you, so I always like to have other pairs of eyes on the matter. What I want to know is which (if any) grabs your attention. Which pulls you in straight away.
I have 10 cover designs + two double covers (one would be for the English publication, and another for the Portuguese one, if any of these is the most voted on).

Please remember that these are studies, not the final covers, and therefore the end result might be slightly different.
Without further ado, herr are the covers:

AG BB cover 01.AG BB cover 02AG BB cover 03.AG BB cover 04AG BB cover 05.AG BB cover 06AG BB cover 07.AG BB cover 08AG BB cover 09.AG BB cover 10

The Cover duos! These were drawn to be a pair. I thought it would be fun to draw a cover for the English version and one for the Portuguese, while maintaining a theme/style consistent in both.
Of course I can also choose two completely different covers from the group above, but I thought this idea was interesting enough to try out.

AG BB duo cover 01aAG BB duo cover 01b
AG BB duo cover 02b
AG BB duo cover 02a

And now the pool is open! You can vote in up to three covers and, if you like, please leave a comment. Should you feel that a certain colour isn’t doing the trick, or that a type of font is wrong, or any other suggestions, please comment on this post. And, should you not like any of the choices, please let me know why you think that is. It could also happen that you like them all. ūüôā
So here are all the covers, numbered, and bellow is the pool for you to vote in.

angel gabriel blood bound - miniature covers